Paint Your Picture of Success


You have already worked hard to attract existing customers. Paint repairs are a great upsell opportunity. Additionally, the Perfect Paint System can help you expand your business to other customer types.

Car Dealers: Want to reduce the costs of repairing the vehicles they take in on trade or buy at auctions. Even dealers with their own body shops prefer the reduced cost and time associated with the Perfect Paint System repair.

Fleet Managers and Rental Car Companies: Want to keep their cars looking great. They reflect the company and company image.

Retail Customers Selling Their Cars: Everyone who sells their car or truck wants the most they can get for it. Inexpensive paint repairs add to the car's value when it is ready to be sold.

Lease Turnbacks: Any person or company who is taking a leased vehicle back after the term of the lease can avoid expensive financial penalties if the car is in good condition. Paint repairs prior to lease turnback can reduce or eliminate these penalties.

Retail Customers: For many people, their car is the most expensive purchase they will ever make. They want to keep it looking good, and are prepared to invest in maintaining the value of their vehicle.