Paint Your Picture of Success

A Huge Market

There are over 225 million cars registered in the United States alone! Most have some type of cosmetic damage — paint chips, bumper scuffs and scratches. (A quick walk through a parking lot will confirm this!). That means that there are tens of millions of cars out there ready to repair.

Why is so much damage left unrepaired, especially when cars cost so much?

  • Car owners do not want to file insurance claims and have their premiums rise.
  • Collision shops are too expensive, and they can tie up a car for days and days.

You can repair these damaged vehicles, in one day, at lower costs and in less time than a collision shop, and without your customer having to file an insurance claim.

Perfect Paint Systems lets you start making money by repairing paint chips, bumper scuffs and other paint damage. Our paint system lets you match more than 17,000 paint colors. In no time, you will be able to provide car dealers, fleets, rental car companies — even car owners just like you — with money and time saving repairs.