Paint Your Picture of Success


The complete Perfect Paint System, including equipment, paint, chemicals, the handheld computer and database, one year of updates, and up to two weeks of training (including for travel and hotel), is yours for only $14,995.00.

You pay no royalties on sales, no marketing fees, and no advertising fees. Additional paints, etc. are shipped directly to you, helping you to avoid running out of paints and the products that make you money.

Damaged Car BumperLet's take a typical damaged bumper, much like the picture on the right. A bumper repair like this will consume approximately $6.00 worth of materials (including paint!) and would retail for between $229 and $249.00. Auto dealers usually pay less since they have a large volume or cars (generally between $125.00 and $135.00) for this type of repair.

And your cost? $6.00 in materials, plus your time — likely one hour in total if you count the actual working time. That's it!

Let's Talk Profit!

Selling Price — Retail $ 249.00  Selling Price — Dealer $ 125.00
Cost of materials $ 6.00    $ 6.00
Gross Profit $ 243.00    $ 119.00
Three Repairs a Day — Retail = $729.00 per day
Five Repairs a Day — Dealer = $595.00 per day

Updates to the handheld database, etc. is only $ 59.95 per month after the first twelve months (less than many cable subscriptions).

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