Paint Your Picture of Success

A Typical Day

A "day in the life" is different for every Perfect Paint System owner, but most paint techs have a blend of retail and dealer customers. It might look like this:


Meet Mrs. Smith at garage to repair back bumper corner on 2003 Honda Accord. Billing: $179.00.


Walk used car lot at Williams Chrysler lot (done every Tuesday). Find 6 cars with damage, dealer wants 4 repaired today and the rest by Friday. Repaired 4 — three bumper scuffed corners, one paint chipped hood and repair on hood scoop on used Mustang. Total billing: $529.00


Make confirmation calls for retail customers for tomorrow and Thursday. Stop at Delearn's Mercedes dealer. They have a retail customer who wants to have paint damage on quarter panel repaired. Dealer will book the appointment for next Monday.


Park van in home garage. Prepare bank deposit slip for morning. Check paint inventories.

The Perfect Paint System is an ideal set up if you really want to grow your business. Developing a solid core of dealer accounts, with regular and predictable revenues and profits, lets you start to expand your business. Simply adding another trained technician doubles your earning power, and helps you to grow your business to more customers over a wider area. Your paint system goes with you wherever you do, providing you with an unlimited number of places where you can earn money.